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Just click on the picture and follow the links, or go to our BandCamp, SoundCloud or Spotify page. And don't forget: we also have a YouTube channel!

Our latest release, BURN:

heartshot cover art.jpg

In June, we released Heartshot:

In March, we released Silvania:

Silvania cover.jpg

In January, we released Glyph:

glyph cover.jpg
falling star cover.jpg

In April, we released Falling Star:

In February, we released Yeraz:

yeraz cover.jpg

In December, we released Shine:

Shine artwork.jpg

On November 15th, to mark our first birthday, we released our first EP, Fuse:

Fuse Futura.jpg

The following five tracks all feature on our début EP, Fuse.

Rise Futura.jpg
Alttahilili Futura.jpg
concrete PS DARK.jpg


Sometime Never

The cicadas scream and the graveside lanterns rattle and dance in the breeze. How many seconds have you been alive? Count them.


A haunting, bluesy vocal and the defiant strains of a Cretan lyra sample sit atop a narrative of exploration and conquest.

Images by Linda Martin 

You will find LUNAR PATHS on BandCamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube & all the major music streaming & download platforms. 

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