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A companion piece to Rise, Shine is an angry, positive song for angry, negative times.


A hypnotic and seductive miasma, fusing lyra, gamelan, drums and vocals in swirling thunder.


Back to our post-punk roots for this playful, danceable, tense and moody track, referencing all things goth—and more besides.


According to the Situationists, rambling around your city can be a revolutionary act. Let’s go!

Sometime Never

The cicadas scream and the graveside lanterns rattle and dance in the breeze. How many seconds have you been alive? Count them.


Deepest winter, late at night. We must be very quiet. Sleep now, and in the morning . . .

Lo Oa Soa

Let’s write a Latin-inspired song, learn some of it backwards, add some sub-bass, warped marimbas and loon calls and see what happens.


Wrapped round a driving beat, retro vibes and Cretan lyra give way to something very strange indeed. How did we get here? Where to next?

Images by Linda Martin