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Happy February!

...and Happy Valentines Day! 


Heart image by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash.

Our latest release is called New. It's a tender, honest and moving song about the end of a relationship, featuring the voice and words of legendary Irish actor and writer Ben Keaton. With its slow tempo and atmospheric sounds, it’s a beguiling little number ideal for shattering and reassembling a broken heart—the perfect song for all of you wistful darkwave Valentines out there. Check it out on our MUSIC page. Also, watch the full length feature video on our YouTube channel. The link is on our VIDEOS page.

Valentines Day treat:

To celebrate the launch of New, we are giving away a small number of BandCamp codes. 🖤🖤🖤

Hopefully, you will be one of the lucky people quick enough to grab yourself a free download of the song! Each link below is live, so just click on one, and it will take you to where you need to be. One click code redemption: couldn't be simpler!











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Our video for Halo has been awarded ‘Video of the Day’ by the prestigious online journal White Light White Heat! We also got a wonderful write-up for Halo from the excellent Onyx Music Reviews. Read both of these glowing reviews on our REVIEWS page.

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We’re playing live!

It’s been our hearts’ desire to take our show on the road, but, what with one of us living in Chicago and the other splitting time between the UK and Greece, it’s proved… tricky! However, a little thing like the Atlantic Ocean isn’t going to stand in the way of our determination. Watch this space for more information, and follow us on our socials for breaking news.

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Our first album!

After the success of our EP, Fuse, we have decided to create another collection. This time, it will be a full album containing nine tracks. We’re calling it Glimmer, and it will be out in the spring of this year. For now, though, you'll have to content yourselves with gazing at the lovely album artwork:

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At the end of January, we were invited to take over an episode of Limeygit’s excellent weekly radio show, Much Ado about Bugger All. 

You can listen on MixCloud. 

Our first foray as DJs was such a resounding success that we've been invited back to do another show. Watch our socials for updates. 

Click on the photo for the link to the show.

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Over the past year, we’ve had the great honour of being selected for several compilation albums, including some released on CD as well as via stream, podcast and download.

Some of these are charity albums for good causes, so do please click on the images, follow the links and consider making a purchase.

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Playlists, Charts and Airplay

Gosh, where to begin!

All around the world, club DJs are playing our music at postpunk, darkwave & goth nights. Silvania, Yeraz, Heartshot and our cover of the Nick Cave classic The Ship Song have all charted on Banks Radio Australia. Lunar Paths was in Dark Soul Radio’s top ten most played artists of 2023, and both the November Highlights and December Monthly Playlist on Dukester Podcasts. Wintermute, Désar and Post Punk World have included us on their fantastic playlists, too.


Legend Oisin Lunny of Brighton’s Geek Pie Radio and the mighty Mick Mercer are staunch supporters of our work, as are Sound Obscura, Infectious Unease, Loud Cities and Bleeding Black Hearts. The indefatigable Limeygit has played just about everything we’ve ever released, and we are so honoured to have been invited to do a takeover of his show, Much Ado About Bugger All, on January 29th.


Silvania got its first airplay on the BBC in June, and the BBC also played September (in October!). Spotify 2023 Artists Wrapped informs us that we have been added to 233 playlists in the last twelve months—not too shabby for a band that’s just two years old, and yet to play live! Falling Star was included in DJ Cypher’s prestigious So Far, SO GOOD!, a playlist of his favourite forty tracks of the year. Throughout the year, Cypher has included a wide range of our recordings in a host of special shows, such as his Traveler broadcast, and his wonderful Dark Solstice.

We were thrilled to learn that Cypher also chose us for his 2023 Dark Nation Radio Favorite 40. Release the Bats Radio included us in their top 40 Ultimate Playlist for 2023. We were in the festive special edition of Songs of Preys, hosted by Wayne Hussey.

And that’s just in December!

From Day One, we’ve been blessed with an abundance of airplay, and we’ve featured in many playlists, top 40s and top 10s. We have listed here just a tiny handful of recent ones.

Please see our Facebook page for details, where we try to repost all of our airplay, chart positions and inclusion on playlists, along with links to the stations, podcasts, MixClouds and so on—if you’re a DJ, blogger or playlist compiler and we’ve missed reposting, then we owe you one, so please get in touch via the relevant platform and we’ll put that right. One good turn deserves another! We are eternally grateful for each and every single play that we get, and we appreciate and adore every last one of you.

While you are visiting our socials, please follow us if you don't already, and please do consider following some of the superb little independent radio channels that have been playing our stuff. You’ll be glad that you did. They are very, very good.

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And finally…

After the success of Shine on SoundCloud, which bagged us close to 20,000 streams, we decided that the time was right to take things to the next level, and so we signed up to Distrokid. This means that you can download, purchase and stream our music from any and all of the major platforms, including SoundCloud and BandCamp. You really are spoiled for choice, and have run out of excuses to not listen to our music morning, noon and night. We also have a YouTube channel, and, of course, we are across all the socials. When you’ve done browsing this site, please use the icons on this page to explore our other platforms, and give us a ❤ and a follow.

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