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Welcome to our NEWS page!

The headlines:


Diane has been back in the UK for a month, after spending eight inspiring weeks in northern Crete, and already she and Kevin have uploaded a new track, Shine, to SoundCloud and have several more in the pipeline. Have a listen to this teaser for Shine, then see how it all turned out by listening to the finished track here.

In other news:

Just before Diane jetted off to sunnier climes, Lunar Paths uploaded Rise, the companion track to follow-up Shine, to SoundCloud. Listen here.

Rise created quite a stir, especially after getting a play on Oisin Lunny's fab show, Geek Pie Radio. Listen to the broadcast here.

A play on Oisin's show has done Lunar Paths the power of good, as this image from SoundCloud demonstrates. Soon, we had clocked in excess of 2000 streams, just for Rise alone! Streaming figures have been improving ever since.


This exhilarating breakthrough came at the same time as two truly glowing reviews, and this has prompted us to set up a REVIEWS page on our website, as we are sure that there will be many more to come! 

Back in June we got our first ever airplay! Listen here. The radio station, Southside, must have liked us, because they invited us back on the show in July. Listen here.

June was a busy month: we set up our Instagram page, which you will find here. Please take a look, and give us a and a follow. We made a VIDEOS page for our website, too.

By now, you will have probably found your way to our Facebook page. If not, you can swiftly find us under the Facebook icon on this website, or by clicking here. Please like, share, comment, follow!

We are slowly getting to grips with our presence on the various social media platforms. As you can appreciate, it takes time to create quality content, so please bear with us. Soon, we hope to be able to do full length videos for all of our tracks, and post them on our YouTube channel. Until then, please take a look at our short teaser trailers on our  VIDEOS page.

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