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It's nearly summer...

...and on June19th, we are releasing our new single, Heartshot. In the run-up to release day, we will be trailing a series of teasers. so keep your eyes on our socials. Here's the first one:

This song found its subject relatively early on, thanks to a strange acoustic anomaly, where, somewhere between the drums and the drones, it sounded like someone whispering ‘heartshot’ over and over again. This led to thoughts about hunting, archery, Cupid’s arrow, and Artemis. Goddess of the hunt, defender of women and chastity, and famous for ruthlessly dispatching male violators, what would happen if the formidable Artemis fell in love...?

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Last month, we released Falling Star, one of our most popular singles. You can listen to a little taste of it right here...

...or, even better: listen to the entire track!

Falling Star is available on all platforms. Just click here, or go to our BandCamp or SoundCloud pages.

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If you have been following our socials, you may have seen the exciting news that we feature on a compilation album.  It's out on vinyl, CD and download, on the Unknown Pleasures label. The album is a tribute to the massively influential band Christian Death and its charismatic singer Rozz Williams. Such a huge honour to be a part of this. 🖤

Click on the pic, and have a listen to our version of Spectre:

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We continue to receive such a lot of airplay that we can barely keep up! This is not a complaint! 😊😉 We are, of course, eternally grateful for each and every single play that we get. Please see our Facebook page for details, as we try to repost each playlist where we feature, along with links to the stations, their MixClouds and so on. While you are there, please follow us if you don't already, and please do consider following some of the superb little independent radio channels that have been playing our stuff. They are very, very good.


1. All around the world, DJs are playing our music at postpunk, darkwave and goth nights! 🥂🍾🥳


2. Silvania and Yeraz have both charted in Australia! 🥂🍾🥳



Released in March. To listen, click on the image and follow the links, or simply look us up on the platform of your choice. Look us up on BandCamp and discover the story behind the music!

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In February we released Yeraz, a hauntingly beautiful song featuring the mesmerising sound of the Armenian duduk. It is out now, across all streaming platforms.


After an extensive teaser campaign, Glyph was released in late January.

At 2’30”, this little firecracker of a song fair gallops along. Listen to it here, by clicking the image, or via the links on our MUSIC page.

If you think that Glyph captures something of the magical, madly anarchic romance of the original northern UK 1980s post-punk and goth scene—you’d be right!


Glyph was originally recorded in 1985 by Hull post-punk heroes Punctured Tough Guy, who kindly gave us their exclusive permission to record this cover. You can listen to their original recording here.

Huge thanks to Punctured Tough Guy (Dave McSherry, Mike Scott and Martin Pattison), and to Xcentric Noise Records label supremo Andy Tommo for helping us to get this project off the ground. We've loved this track for literally decades, and it is our very great honour to resurrect it, and hopefully bring it some of the attention that it so richly deserves.

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Lunar Paths: we are everywhere...

It's taken us a while, but---fashionably late as ever---we are, at long last, on BandCamp! Find us here.

So, we are now on all the major music streaming and download platforms, including SoundCloud and BandCamp. You really are spoiled for choice, and have now run out of excuses not to listen to our music morning, noon and night.


How much excitement can you bear?

Last year, esteemed goth music magazine Obscura Undead put the call out for tracks to feature on their latest compilation album. They received “an overwhelming number of submissions…” and so we are very proud to announce that one of our songs was among the chosen few!


The album was released on January 6th, 2023 and is available here.


In other news:

December 13 saw the release of another track from our back catalogue, Shine. Bagging us close to 20,000 streams on SoundCloud, we hope that it will exceed our wildest expectations, now that it is out on all the major streaming platforms. Just four days later, we got an absolutely cracking review from Onyx. Please check out our REVIEWS page to read it in full.

To mark the occasion of our first birthday on November 15th, we  released Fuse, our first EP! We have come a long way in such a short time, and we thank all of our loyal followers and supporters from the bottom of our hearts.

Also: we did a stimulating interview with the eternally excellent A&R Factory, who kindly published it on our birthday, and to coincide with the release of the EP. Take a look on our REVIEWS page.

As if all of that wasn't enough: we are getting more and more airplay! 

To name just three of these excellent shows: Much Ado About Bugger All, Dark Soul Radio and Dark Entries Radio. Google and enjoy!

After the success of  Shine on SoundCloud, we decided that the time was right to take things to the next level, and so we have signed up to Distrokid! This means that you can now download, purchase and stream our music from any and all of the major platforms. We will be maintaining a presence on SoundCloud, but, if you have a preference for getting your music from Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, iTunes or, well, pretty much any of 'em, you can now enjoy our music on your preferred platform. Yay! 

Rise, the companion track to Shine, also created quite a stir in the summer of 2022, especially after getting a play on Oisin Lunny's fab show, Geek Pie Radio. Soon, we had clocked in excess of 2000 streams, just for Rise alone. That seemed like a huge amount back then, but our streaming figures have been improving ever since. This breakthrough came at the same time as two glowing reviews, which prompted us to set up a REVIEWS page.

June was a busy month: we got our first ever  airplay, and we were invited back on the show in July. We also set up our Instagram page. Please take a look, and give us a and a follow.

By now, you will have probably found your way to our Facebook page. If not, you can swiftly find us under the Facebook icon on this website, or by clicking here. Please like, share, comment, follow!

We are slowly building our presence on the various social media platforms. Soon, we hope to be able to do full length videos for all of our tracks, and post them on our YouTube channel, which already has lots of reels and full length versions of the songs that you can watch and stream. You might also care to take a look at our short teaser trailers on our  VIDEOS page.

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