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A&R Factory, 24/7/22

Ascend with Lunar Paths' Dark Indie Avant Garde Single, Rise


Any artist with a track titled MetaGoth#1 in their discography has my immediate perpetual attention; with their latest single, Rise, Lunar Paths went even heavier on the dark haunting beguile.

The layered and looped percussive patterns and eastern rhythms steadily inch you into the heart of the psychedelically tribalistic feat of ethereal indie, which laments the lack of soul in our era that makes mental resilience a necessity; lest you be swept away by the dystopian waves. Rise acts as an all too efficacious anchor, with its glimmers of hope in the shimmering echoes.

The transatlantic duo made the Bela Lugosi’s Dead of this era with Rise. It’s not the darkwave you’ve ridden the crux of before; it’s the ethereal Avant Garde sanctity we sorely need.

by Amelia Vandergast                                                                          Read the review here.

Onyx Music Reviews, 7/7/22

Lunar Paths – Rise

Lunar Paths is a collaboration between two musicians who were originally involved in the UK gothic scene in the 80s. Both Diane Dubois and Kevin Hunter were in the band Cold Dance, and Hunter in Skeletal Family until they broke up in 1986. After losing contact and ending up in different time zones, they rediscovered their friendship and so started a new musical project.

There are loops and subverted sounds in the electronic aether, which take on an almost Middle Eastern atmosphere, The vocals sigh and take you on the journey to another exotic realm, while Dubois’s sensuous singing beguiles your senses. The duo’s experimentation with recordings and synths has become this wonderful amalgamation of styles and Lunar Paths’ music definitely tickles those dark sweet spots in your mind.

by Adele Sinnamon                                                                          Read the review here.